Backup Agent v3


A license for Actian Backup Agent™ is included with Actian PSQL v11 Server SP2 and later and Actian PSQL Vx Server 11. Backup Agent is included on the media and in the download for Windows versions of PSQL Server. To download Linux versions of Backup Agent, please visit the Actian PSQL website.

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Actian Backup Agent lets you keep the PSQL database up and running in Continuous Operations during backup. Backup Agent ensures a clean backup every time.

  • Provides 24x7 system availability
  • Automatically manages file lists for backup
  • Ensures backup integrity and consistency
  • Easy-to-use
  • Embeddable for developers
  • Support for Linux and Windows
  • Backup Agent v3 is for PSQL v11 Workgroup

Backup Agent v3 will not run on PSQL versions prior to v11.